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  • Phone Screen Glass Protector LSG01

Phone Screen Glass Protector LSG01





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For brand iPhone/Huawei/Samsung/Xiaomi etc.

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The premium quality phone glass protector comes with a specialized coating that helps to prevent scratches that might interrupt your viewing angles on your phone. The precise cuts of this glass screen protector are designed to fit edge to edge on your mobile screens as they are customized according to different mobile brands. The LSG01 protects the display of your phone against grime, dust, smudges, and different scratches so you get the immersive viewing angles that your mobile phone offers. We have designed our product keeping modern-day quality standards in mind so that your phone’s display remains safe and withstands frequent minor drops. The quality of glass used in the making of LSG01 is best in class so you can have proper safety for the display of your device. The LSG01 brings versatility as it’s not limited to any one mobile manufacturer and provides different cuts and designs for leading mobile phones such as Apple’s iPhones and many other mobile manufacturers including Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei. We understand that each mobile maker offers different types of dimensions for the mobile screens so the elegant cuts of LSG01 are suitable for almost every leading mobile making company.